Home of the most beautiful black arabian horses in Denmark.
With a deep love of the Arabian breed, we endeavor not only to advance both the beauty and the quality of the black Arabian horse, but also the rights and freedom of our horses.

We treat our horses like they truly are the greatest gift from God, cut from the midnight cloth of the universe and embroidered with the beauty of the stars. They enchant us, wrapping us in their spell and dazzling with their brilliance. These are horses of inestimable value, a special creation, physically and spiritually perfect, and it is a true privilege to share this earth with them.

Black Arabian Horse, mare and foal

Black Arabian horse, mare and foal in natural surroundings

Aaleyah means the greatest gift of All, and for us at the farm we think that our horses really is a gift from the universe. Beautiful, kind and loving, what more could you ever wish for?


April 2010


Lundshøjgaard, Denmark

The first Black Arabians arrived at the farm

First Foal born

Stallion Aj Rafiq arrives at Aaleyah stud

With thanks to Aj Man stud, the Arab Emirates

Three foals born in 2015

Two fillies and a colt were given to us during spring of 2015

In the summer of 2016, we were blessed with the first wonderful crop of foals sired by our own stallion Aj Rafiq. Three colts and a filly, we feel so blessed by this expansion of our family of horses at Aaleyah Black Arabians.

May 2016 Birth of Izme Azam

Aziza Zia gave birth to a beautiful chestnut colt, strong and lively from day one.

Aj Rafiq attends the National Show

Aj Rafiq attended the national show in Denmark and was best in class

June 2016 Ayaat bin Aj Rafiq was born

Abhadulla Nordine gave us a pure black colt, with dark thoughtful eyes. A special colt who has reserved his love for that special person.

August 2016 Afsoun bint Aziza Noir was born




After a many hardships, Aziza Noir gave birth to the most exquisite black filly, a dancing queen from the start, bred to move.

Aaleyah Black Arabians

The greatest gift of All

Aaleyah black arabians

The Greatest gift of All

Quality black arabian horses, bred to show, for sports and for pleasure.

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