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Shahzadi Celeste bint Aj Rafiq

The lady of the house has arrived! This 2018 grey daughter Aj Rafiq is an entrance into a rare pedigree, that you don’t want to miss.

A stunning 5-year-old mares feminine and fancy, with a lovely neck, beautiful face, and gorgeous eyes you could get lost in.

But Shahzadi Celeste is more than just a pretty face; she can move! Forward and flowing and bred for it, this mare has loads of charisma and personality that only make her promising future more certain.

With a natural showiness and a beautiful pedigree, Celeste embodies the essence of Arabian elegance. Her sire, Aj Rafiq, is a product of the late great Vervaldee and boasts the incredible Versace as his grandfather. The influence of these bloodlines is undeniable, as they are prominently featured in the pedigrees of the world’s top Arabians.

Having lived a natural horse life in the open air, Daisha is strong, healthy, and well-built, with hooves that have been strengthened and tendons and muscles that have been trained to the max. And once she has won your trust, she will be your loyal companion for life, always by your side and eager to fulfill your every wish.

Celeste has already undergone three months of professional training and is now ready to be ridden and backed in her new home. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a horse that is truly unique and exceptiona

Celeste has lived a natural life with the ability to move, to be with friends and with access to Fourage at all times. This makes her a gentle and peace orientaded mare who will love to be with you.

Celeste possesses a unique combination of the gentle beauty of Aj Rafiq and the gracefulness of the Polish mare Mallini. She stands tall and rangy, exuding a tremendous expression and attitude that captivates all those around her. Her gentle nature only adds to her allure, and she will undoubtedly impress you with her exceptional temperament.

While already a sight to behold, Celeste’s true potential lies in her ability to produce offspring that surpass even her own beauty. She is a potent mare, endowed with all the natural qualities that make a remarkable broodmare. With every passing year, she will continue to refine her elegance, making her a notable mare in the breeding world.

It’s worth noting that Vervaldee’s offspring have consistently claimed championships worldwide, Her grace and elegance, coupled with her exceptional lineage, ensure that she will blossom into a truly extraordinary filly.

Celeste possesses that special allure – a breathtaking head, expressive eyes, and a captivating presence. At just five years old, she has only begun to showcase her true potential.

Her pedigree encompasses everything needed to create an exceptional all-around horse – impeccable movement, a delightful disposition, superior conformation, and excellent type. World-renowned horses such as Menes have left an indelible mark on her sire’s side, while esteemed stallions like El Mokari, El Shaklan, Messoud, and Madkour have made their presence felt on the dam’s side. These horses have shaped the history of Arabian horse breeding with their remarkable achievements.

Prepare to be enchanted by Celeste – a mare whose beauty, elegance, and pedigree promise to make her a cherished addition to any breeding program. Contact us now and witness the magic that awaits as Celeste graces your stables.

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Aj Rafiq & Mallini

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