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Aaleyah Black Arabians | The welfare of our Arabians

The welfare of our Arabians

It takes a lot of respect and knowledge to be able to look after their welfare. To be a responsible owner, we need to know about how horses’ function and about their natural needs.  Horses depends on us, and to be well, they need care at regular intervals, every day, 365 days a year.  

The time the Arabian has been a domestic animal is very short compared to how long the horse has lived in the wild. The horse has been developed through millions of years. Those who were best to adapt their behavior survived, and passed on their genes to their offspring. The domestic horse’s behavior is much like the behavior of a wild horse, and we must take that into account when working with our horses. 

It is a big responsibility to look after Arabian horses, and every country has their own welfare laws. It takes knowledge to take care of a horse, and this knowledge is at least as important as learning to ride. The skills it takes to handle a horse from the ground, can be transferred to when you ride or drive your horse, and you got to understand and communicate with your horse. The horse will try to understand your signals, and if something is not working, the best way to solve it is to look for the solution within your own communication, and not blame it on the horse. This is why it is important to constantly seek more knowledge and education, so you can become a better rider, and better to look after your horses needs. Always keep in mind that everything you do is for the horses best. 

Interactions between people and horses have been fascinating and engaging for millions of people around the world. It is a fantastic feeling when the cooperation goes smoothly and everything is working well. It this interaction is not happening on equal terms, with respect for the horse, it is a whole other story. In modern times, humans use horses exclusively for pleasure, and it puts extra demands for the way we handle our horses, how we educate ourselves, and treat them with love and respect. 

Horse welfare

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