Aziza Mia Maja

Amid so many stately mares, it can be hard for a lady to get noticed, but that’s not an issue for Aziza Mia Maja. The incredible combination of the prominent lady, Khadisha, and a stallion of Padron lines, this 2010 mare is born to stand out. She inherited the patient thoughtfulness of her mother, but also possesses an alert, courageous sensitivity that is all her own, and has passed it along to her progeny, her two sons and four fillies. Aziza Mia Maja represents the Arabian breed with radiant, aristocratic flair. In her pedigree you will find the famous egyptian stallion RaffDraff, the black Egyptian stallion Adhem and the stallion Shah of Gizeh.

Year foaled:


Sire, Dam:

Azeem Ox & Khadisha Ox

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