The dream of a Black Arabian horse

The dream of a black Arabian horse lies deep in many young hearts. Stories like black Beauty and the Black Stallion are engrained in our culture, and something that many of us long for. The beauty, the free spirit, and to become one with your horse. It is like a fairy tale that stems from ancient times, the desert bred horse, there is something magical about Black Arabian horses. especially the stallion has that X factor we all desire. 

Three black Arabian Horses
It is a beautiful sight to see a free roaming horse living a natural life

But let’s not forget, that even if many Arabian horse owners think that it is the most beautiful horse in the world, the Arabian is so versatile, and what makes an Arabian even more outstanding than its beauty is the versatility, the health, the soundness and the sweet temperament. 

The legendary Arabian

Black Arabian Stallion

There has always been something magical about a black Arabian horse.

Fly without wings, slay your enemies without sword. The Arabian horse was a gift from God, form Allah who created the horse in his image. The Arabian horse originated in the desert for the Bedouins, and for thousands of years the Bedouins have been breeding this most exquisite of all breeds. The Arabian horse was the pride of the Bedouins, and a must for their survival. The harsh realities of the desert, the burning sun, the cold knights, the lack of water and food has formed the Arabian horse that we know today, independent, and intelligent. Grass was spares, and horses had to survive on milk from the camels, dates, and grasshoppers. Life could be brutal, and only the fittest horses survived. 

Black Arabian foal
It starts with a dream: Iulia and a newborn black Arabian foal

The versatile Arabian horse

The Arabian horse is a partner with no comparison, everyone who owns an Arabian can confirm that this beautiful creature has enriched their lives in way no one imagined. If you understand your Arabian, and treat it with care and respect, the horse’s sensible way of being will bring you comfort and hope in the darkest hour. 

The Arabian horse of today is used in many sports. It is used in both dressage and jumping, and many admire the flowing movements of the Arabian. The Arabian horse has an exceptional stamina, and this is one of the many traits that makes the Arabian excel in endurance riding. The Arabian is surefooted, with good movements and strong legs, and it´s intelligence makes it an ideal partner if you are to cross a challenging terrain. 

The Arabian Influence

The Arabian horse has had a marked influence on many other breeds. Welsh ponies, thoroughbreds and many heavy horses have been refined and improved by the grace of the Arabian horse. 

An undeniable trait of the Arabian horse is the dish on the forehead, the Djibbah, and the large expressive eyes, and the long and slender neck. The back of an Arabian horse is shorter and has less vertebrae than any other horse, and the tail is set higher and carried with at lift, adding to the graceful movements of the black Arabian horse. The body is fined, but filled with muscles under the skin. The coat is short and shimmering, and the mane is long, soft and shines in the sunlight.

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