Shahzadi Banu Noir

Gorgeous black filly, this beautiful lady loves showing off. She is a sensitive little girl, with her tail high up.


While the perfect stallion is tremendously important, it is the mares upon which truly great pedigrees are built. The daughter of the stunning Aj Rafiq, Shahzadi is a stunning, midnight-hued filly that embodies queenly grace and nobility.  She is calm and dignified with a wise presence that envelops all who meet her.

Shahzadi Banu Noir loves foals and children alike, and genuinely cares for them in the tradition of the “tent horse” Arabian. ¬†There are none who can compare to her genuine, magnanimous presence and having her at Aaleyah Black Arabians is truly a gift that continues to give.

Year foaled:


Sire, Dam:

Shah Noir Ox & Jordana Ox