Tristan September

There is more to building a program of exceptional horses than just the way they look, and no horse proves it more than Tristan September.

This colt met the world later in the season on September 11, 2016, and had rough start, barely surviving his birth.

But survive he did, fighting his way into this world with his spirit, and he is growing into a lovely young horse.

In addition to his looks, though, he has the spirit that we all search for when breeding the best.

His will and desire for life are evident in all he does, from his agile movement to his independent, intelligent, and bold personality.

He learns quickly, focusing on the world around him and thinking through his actions.  It’s the brain, the grit, and the lust for life this colt has that makes him so special, but his devotion and love are what will truly capture your heart.  The world couldn’t live without him, and neither can you.

Year foaled:


Sire, Dam:

Aj Rafiq & Aziza Mia Maja