Afsoun Bint Aziza Noir

If our mare Aziza Noir is our reigning queen, her daughter, Afsoun bint Aziza Noir is the heir apparent. This 2016 filly combines the stately grace and mind of her mother with the incredible bloodlines of her father, Aj Rafiq. She is carved in perfect proportions and crowned with a fine head, wide nostrils, and deep, trusting eyes. Those eyes seem to see the future, a future that will undoubtedly be bright for a filly of her tremendous quality. Afsoun is always ready to explore the world and chart a new course, bravely forging the way. Independence is no issue for her; she revels in the freedom to move. And move she can, powerful and balanced, a floating little dancer, ready to take her throne as the princess of Aaleyah Black Arabians.

Year foaled:


Sire, Dam:

Aj Rafiq & Aziza Noir