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About us

Unique horses

In Arabic, “Aaleyah” has  many meanings.  Bright or shining one.  Exalted.  Noble.  Elevated in character.  Lofty.  Raised.  Enchanted.  The greatest gift from God. The horses of Aaleyah Black Arabians embody every term.  Each horse is a unique individual, much like these words.  


Black as the midnight cloth

We treat our horses like they truly are the greatest gift from God, cut from the midnight cloth of the universe and embroidered with the beauty of the stars.  They enchant us, wrapping us in their spell and dazzling with their brilliance. 


Living a natural life

Together, we live in the pristine beauty of a nature reserve near Mariagerfjord in the northern part of Denmark.  Here, our horses enjoy a natural life outside year-round with the freedom to move at all times, summer or winter.

Inestimable value

We seek to strengthen the bond between humans and horses to create deeper understanding about ourselves, our animals, and our world. Our horses are of inestimable value, a special creation, physically and spiritually perfect, and it is a true privilege to share this earth with them.


Bringing peace

From horses, we learn peace.  We learn to open our minds to new relationships and experiences with the natural world.  Through their grace and incredible nobility, they are the perfect advocates for love and understanding.  If we listen, humbly, softly, to what they are saying, we learn so much about kindness.

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