Cut from the midnight cloth of the universe, sprinkled with the stars of our forefathers.

Home of the most beautiful black Arabian horses in Denmark.With a deep love of the Arabian breed, we endeavour not only to advance both the beauty and the quality of the black Arabian horse, but also the rights and freedom of our horses.

Our philosophy:

Unique horses in every way

In Arabic, “Aaleyah” has many meanings. Bright or shining one. Exalted. Noble. Elevated in character. Lofty. Raised. Enchanted. The greatest gift from God. The horses of Aaleyah Black Arabians embody every term. Each horse is a unique individual, much like these words.


Living a natural life

Together, we live in the pristine beauty of a nature reserve near Mariagerfjord in the northern part of Denmark. Here, our horses enjoy a natural life outside year-round with the freedom to move at all times, summer or winter.

Black Arabian Horse - Rafiq and Merete

Our Horses:

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Shahzadi Daisha

In Foal / Sales
Caliana – black arabian filly

Shahzadi Cala Caliana

In Mare / Sales

Aj Rafiq

In Stallion
Black Arabian Mare

Aziza Mia Maja

In Mare

Abhadulla Nordine

In Sold horses

Afsoun Bint Aziza Noir

In Mare / Sales


In Mare
Chestnut arabian mare

Aziza Zia

In Sold horses

Shahzadi Chaand Traelle

In Mare / Sales

Shahzadi Banu Noir

In Mare

Shahzadi Celeste bint Aj Rafiq

In Mare

Ayaat Ibn Aj Rafiq

In Sold horses

Tristan September

In Sold horses

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